Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Camping and Boating Weekend!!!

We had our first real family camping trip this last weekend. Some friends invited us to a lake about 2 miles away in Missouri. Clifton and I took off Friday afternoon and pulled down the waverunners and Mike and the big boys met us that night. We had a fabulous time! There was unlimited water sport activity, beautiful scenery, yummy food and great company! We stayed untill Tuesday afternoon and hit our only storm as we drove home.
The boys loved riding the waverunners. Clifton was mildly terrified at first, but as long as we went pretty slow, he liked the ride too. Clifton loved to play in the dirt and rocks with his trucks. He insisted on wearing his baseball hat at all times. He threw a fit if we tried to get him to wear any other type of hat.
Mike was in heaven on the ski and wakeboard. I think he's trying to figure out a way to justify and finance a boat... maybe in a few more years.

Henry loved the kneeboard. He was a little scared to get on his knees and hold the rope, but he loved surfing in the water.

But he did it!

He even tried getting up on water skiis, but they were too big for him and he couldn't controll them.
Somehow I managed to get up though...

And fall down.
George was an animal. He had absolutely no fear. He was a natural on the knee board and was crossing the wake, turning backward and trying to jump.
One of the guys on the trip was a competitive wakeboarder and he took George out on the wakeboard with him and gave him the ride of his life. They jumped the wake and had a great time. George was just disapointed Hayden didn't try to do a flip with George. (I wasn't.)
Needless to say, George insisted on wakeboarding by himself, and after a couple attempts, he was up and did pretty well. (Better than his mother did!)Tammy and I took a turn on the tube durring some choppier water. I was more sore from that tube ride than anything else. My neck is still hurting!

The boat bug has certainly hit the Floyd home. Now if we could just get Mike through his training...

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Great Strides Walk at Wheeler Farm

I had been trying to figure out a way to make it to Utah for the Salt Lake Great Strides event. Unfortunately, Mike was on call all weekend, and no one was available to trade. Plane tickets for 4 of us to spend 1 day in Utah were out of the question, as was driving. So I had conceeded the fact that this year I just wouldn't be able to make it.

On Wednesday morning (May 13), right after I had droped George off at school, Mom called and told me that Grandma had passed away. I then began to plan our trip out west. Fortunately, Mike was able to find someone to trade with and was able to get off of work for a couple of days. We packed up the car Wednesday night and left for Salt Lake at 4:30 am Thursday morning.

The boys were great, and we made it to Mom and Dad's at about 9:30pm SL time. It was wonderful to be with the family. Saturday, we were able to participate in the Great Strides event (a fundraiser for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation). The kids had a wonderful time, and I got to see a number of friends and family who came out to support our family. (Many of whom I hadn't seen in a long time!) Thank you to all of you who came out!

I'll post more photos from the walk and more on Grandma's services when I download the photos.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Easter and Woodchucks

Easter 2009
George's 1st grade musical The cheering section
Henry loved being able to go to the play.
George preparing for his solo
(in case you were wondering, he was a wood chuck)

George's solo

He sang a couple of lines.

Anyone ever tried to find a woodchuck costume?

Apparently there isn't a huge demand in early april, and none of the major retailers were carring them.

George and his best friend Travis

Travis got to be a farmer.

The entire 1st grade participated.